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Venue Terms

By using this venue any capacity you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions- 100% without exception. If you do not agree you agree you will not use this venue in any manner. 

We make no claim or representation as lister of any property unless indicated. These are thumbnail highlite description of property not to be construed as formal or full setup or offering memorandum. To receive information reply to post. 

We are indemnified fully against any injury, loss, damage, financial, mental, physical or other you may incur through any use of this venue before,during or after visit or usage. We make no claim or representation to content or to it’s claims, representations,offers or other, all is from 3rd party sources external to us.

If 18 years of age or younger, you must have consent of  parent or legal guardian to use venue.

We retain sole right at anytime to change terms and conditions without prior notice. As all  data are published by sources external to us- we are held harmless against any error, omission, change, sudden sale or removal of property from sale  for any reason- without prior notice to you.

We make no representation nor claim to validity, currentness or accuracy of property details nor to current availability- availability may be subject to change anytime without prior notice to us or us to you. Property may be bought, sold or entered into contract or removed at anytime- without prior notice to us or us to you.

We make no claim as asset manger, to exclusivity or ownership of  property, neither expressed nor implied.

We make no representation to offering official set up or listing on property- these are mere property thumbnail introductions-overview highlite teaser subject to formal setup, listing or offering memorandum.

It is understood and agreed, we offer only what is offered or presented to us or published by creator or lister of property. We bear no responsibility nor liability for the actions, behaviors or representations of provider of information or to publisher of information-nor their affiliates, associates.

Any delay in follow up to your request or providing information for your requests, is never due to our part. We are to be held fully harmless by you against any delay or misinformation received on behalf of our property source or sources to us- without exception. We provide only what is provided or published to us by property source.

To receive address or addresses of property, when not indicated or furnished, you must reply via contact form at bottom of post or email or text provided in content. Fill out contact publisher form in post bottom for address.

You agree and understand You bear full responsibility and liability for circumvention. If we are first to  introduce you to or re-introduce you to any property of interest. You agree and understand by entering this venue and using it in any manner, form or capacity,you agree to no circumvention. This liability includes anyone you share information with. If such activity occurs, you agree you or anyone you share information with are personally liable and responsible for full payment of fee to our firm- in event you or they purchase property.  This fee is at our discretion based on industry standards and transaction amount.

You understand all look ins and logins to this venue are recorded as is any usage or requests.



Regarding bank reo property, You understand bank has final say on any offer you present to us, not us. We cannot nor do not, control the final decision of bank regarding any offer. Acceptance of your offer is fully and solely at bank discretion. You understand as such, we are held harmless in event your offer is not accepted by bank. You understand and agree we make no guaranty of inspection, as property inspection is dictated by and authorized only by bank and in some instances, bank will not permit entry or inspection into property.

We are held fully harmless in event you or your associates cannot get inside for inspection of property. You agree and understand, you or your purchasing affiliates, partners or other, are fully liable and responsible for any damage you or they create or add,  before, during or after your inspection of  property. We are 100% indemnified against such damage, enhanced or created by you or they, before, during or after, you or they inspect the property. You understand and agree, we are held 100% fully indemnified against any injury, loss, emotional, physical, financial or other you or they may incur before, during or after your inspection of a property.

You agree and understand, you must do all due diligence prior to submission of offer as bank selling all property on “as is,” meaning bank will not make or sell property with any representations other than clear title and removal of back taxes. This due diligence condition applies to any non bank property you purchase as well. Buyer must independently verify all details prior to purchase.

You understand and agree, you as purchaser will be paying a fee to us to be negotiated, in event you purchase any property through us if it is deemed purchaser must pay fee on that particular property. This fee, will be subject to our final approval and yours, and will be pursuant to a separate fee agreement that is signed by all parties involved. You agree and understand, if requested, you will furnish a valid proof of funds and earnest money deposit along with a letter of intent, to purchase if and when requested. The earnest money deposit can change depending on terms and conditions of the sale, as details will be provided once offer accepted.

You as purchaser understand and agree, you and your partners, affiliates, are 100% responsible for all due diligence prior to offer submission. You agree and understand, upon contact with us, you must properly present your status as buyer, broker or other. You are fully liable for your proper representation and any fee splitting will be at our sole discretion, if we are first to introduce you to or re-introduce you to any property.

You agree if acting as broker or seeking fee on any transaction with us, that final fee splitting total amount will be subject to our discretion as well as yours, pursuant to a separate agreement and in the event of any circumvention, you, your firm, affiliates, associates, partners or anyone you share such property with, agree to be held fully liable for full fee payable to our firm. This fee, will be subject to industry standards and payable by you, your firm, associates,partners or anyone you share such property with, to us.




You agree and understand, by any use of this venue, to all terms and conditions stated herewithin in their entirety without exception 100%, and agree to be held fully liable and responsible should you be in breach of any. You understand and agree we retain sole right at anytime to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice.





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